Asphalt roofing

Asphalt Roofing & 3-tab shingles

At Hunter’s Roofing, we’re pleased to offer a variety of Asphalt Shingle installations to perfectly accommodate your property’s needs. Whether the more affordable 3-tab shingles (ideal for rental properties), or the more durable (and aesthetically pleasing) architectural shingles, we’ve got the right means to get the job done.

Shingle Roof

With a variety of roof shingles types available, you can be sure that Hunter’s Roofing has the resources to ensure our final product will be everything you’ve asked for and more. From wood to tiles, metal to slate, and of course, the ever-popular asphalt roofing, we’ve got it all. Additionally, we’re pleased to offer repair to any existing roof damages you may have.

Shingle roofing
Rooftop snow removal

Rooftop Snow Removal

Every now and then, it’s nice to breath new life into your property. Hunter’s Roofing has years of experience in just that; revamping and fixing up roofs, giving them an entirely new feel. Be it a slight touch up or a full flip, we’ve got the knowledge and resources to achieve work that is sure to satisfy.

Roof Ice Removal

A common crisis across Atlantic Canada are Ice Dams, which is when ice builds on a slanted roof. This is due to these buildings usually being heated, ultimately causing snow that may have been on its roof to freeze and melt. To avoid any potential damage -- namely ice falling and injuring a passerby -- contact us to get the removal job done.

Roof ice removal
Emergency roof repair

Emergency Roof Repair

Between detrimental weather conditions and deteriorating states of quality, there is always the possibility of things taking an unexpected turn for the worse with your roofing situation. However, desperate times doesn’t have to call for desperate measures. Our team is well equipped when it comes to any roofing crisis, and will handle your predicament in both a time sensitive and orderly manner.

Animal Damage Roof Repair

Do you have any unwanted visitors barking up the wrong roof? Damage caused by animals is often done to essential structural components of your roof. Leaving it be could lead to serious issues down the line. While Dr. Dolittle may not be a part of our staff, we guarantee that we’re the animals experts for this type of job!

Animal damage roof repair


Fascia boards are an integral part of any roofing structure. They are used to hold gutters in place, while also helping prevent any damage to a roof that may be caused by moisture. Given their purpose, it comes without surprise that this component can often require repairs or replacement. It is important to fix your fascias as soon as possible, as their demise can lead to further damage of the roof at large.


Soffit is an essential component in letting your property stay ventilated. Essentially, the component serves as a ceiling-esque base of a roof. Soffit is known to attract bugs and animals, often leading to them rotting. Seeing as a soffit is both extremely visible, and such an important part of any roof’s structure, we would never waste time when it comes to dealing with replacing or repairing one.

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